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In order to define the most suitable product for your needs from our range, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss the use of the desired device / machine / solution and the way in which we can help you optimize your work processes.

We work with a variety of manufacturers, so we can find the right product for you.

Here is a selection of our products.


CashCar is a product that is unique in Switzerland. Our CashCar can bring added value at all events and can be used anywhere. If you would like more information, please contact us!

EC Card Reader

We offer two different models of EC card readers. We would be happy to advise you which is the best model for you. Or order directly in our Shop.


Coin Counters

We have different coin sorters in the assortment. Our coin sorters allow you to count and sort coins. The various models are equipped for large or small quantities. Contact us to find the right model for you!

Banknote counters

Our different banknote counters count and sort banknotes, the different models offer different options. Whether foreign currencies, sorting or counting of values, explain your needs and we will find the right model for you.  Contact us!


Cashless / Duo / Desktop / Floor

CASHIER, a game-changing revolutionary kiosk built from ground-up, innovated to respond to the long-awaited demand from the whole retail industry. CASHIER maximize the flexibility and integration capability to your POS / system, thoroughly improves the efficiency and the overall work-flow at the meantime. Thanks to the advanced and cutting edge cash modules, CASHIER is able to perform banknote recycling and as well as changing coins, all in one kiosk at a perfectly ideal product footprint. 


Cash terminal/coin mechanism
Smart Cash Manager

Simplify and secure your payments thanks to our product. It perfectly fits in any kind of business: bakery, butcher shop, fast-food restaurant, florist, pharmacy, supermarket,…


coin recycler

We have many different money recyclers on offer. Recycler for the notes or for coins or systems that can do both. For large volumes as well as for small inventories. Our recyclers are the solution for every industry that needs money processing. The devices can of course communicate directly with your back office.

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